Ahilada Hylythai – Creation of the Human Being Seal: Secondborn Humans Existence

This is draft of the Human Being’s Seal. We can see the Karma roles and Maya-Veil as emanations, ‘cause appears in the Central Descending Way of Naŝmah. We can see the right area, the area of the Alien Nature, ‘cause they are descended from the Firstborn Humans or simply called “The First”. We are able to see the role of the Soul and the Spirit, or the Collective Consciousness, or the Superior Self or the Inner Self Individual

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The places I set the World of Kreo Saga: Baita Laghetti – Mezzana- IT

#RaffaeleVicenzi tells about the places set his fantasy saga. On #BaitaLaghetti (#ValDiSole, #Mezzana, #Ortisé),  the Nine teenagers have their first contact with the Non-Earthly creature. Nine lights fell from the sky to shoot’em…


1. #TheCourtOfTheCrimsonKing by #KingCrimson
2. #NightsOfLove by #PapaRoach 

Enjoy the #Videoclip…

The places I set the World of Kreo Saga: Primrose Hill -London- UK

On Primrose Hill, Shodlirt uses the ancient energies and the Repturiyan technology to discover the second part of Key of the Ninmah Godness. Mikaim left her Majesty Shodlirt to save the Nine…Enjoy the Videoclip and the bleeding of the Primrose Hill King Crimson with Lorde song as a Soundtrack….

An artistic study about the Kreo Sephiroth

This is a first draft of a study about the “Tridimentional Kreo Sephiroth” view. It’s a typical mental situation, when you have in your mind something that it doesn’t recognised or discovered, an endeavour to put my inner visions on the paper.

Is it an Inner Scheme of a generic creature? Or Atom of the Universe?

…These are the questions…