Pursuit of the Fugitives by Dragons

Really? Dragons are so fast?…Following the fugitives!

Fine vol.


Serenvech Klorannah (Invocazione a Klorannah)

IcoDownMp3Serenvech Klorannah

Klorannah vachgasinin isyniel
Aky vachamin em ary vachamiel
Klorannah ary Wn-Halagin isyniel
Aky lythwnin em ary lythwniel

Ayan Klorannah
Ary vach vah isyniel
Aky vach lat Lwnin
Em ary vach lat Lwniel

Klorannah ĝaav ran anary
Aky è šwranin em ary è šwraniel
Klorannah isyran ĝaav ran Sin
Aky venmin em ary venmiel

Ayan Klorannah
Ary Lyàrĝaansiniel
Wn-Halagin em Lythwnin
Ran Latan Mwnĝrèl