The Magick Basic Theory in Kreo

This is a photo about the Basic Theory of Magick in the Kreo World. The Magick, called Vaarantwnar, is only an easy way to use and control the ‘Power of Creation’ and modelling the matter by our Inner self being: this pic represents a piece of the center of Known Universe. I have pages and pages about it a great precious gathered since 1993…

Have a great Sunday!!!

Vaaramtwnar,, raffaele vicenzi

Serenvech Klorannah (Invocazione a Klorannah)

IcoDownMp3Serenvech Klorannah

Klorannah vachgasinin isyniel
Aky vachamin em ary vachamiel
Klorannah ary Wn-Halagin isyniel
Aky lythwnin em ary lythwniel

Ayan Klorannah
Ary vach vah isyniel
Aky vach lat Lwnin
Em ary vach lat Lwniel

Klorannah ĝaav ran anary
Aky è šwranin em ary è šwraniel
Klorannah isyran ĝaav ran Sin
Aky venmin em ary venmiel

Ayan Klorannah
Ary Lyàrĝaansiniel
Wn-Halagin em Lythwnin
Ran Latan Mwnĝrèl